At Gauss, we are committed to nurturing creativity, collaboration, and growth. We strive to be the go-to destination for brands seeking to thrive in the next digital frontier. By providing a curated and secure space, we enable brands to explore the endless possibilities of the Web3 era while keeping their audience safe and engaged. 


The Gauss Ecosystem is a Curated Layer 1 Blockchain designed to change the global perception of blockchain technology. Gauss recognizes the importance of blockchain as it exists today and its untapped potential and addresses three prevalent issues:

  • Pervasive Fraud
  • A Lack Of Widespread Token Adoption
  • Inauthentic Engagement Between Users And Brands

In order to tackle these challenges, we’ve created an ecosystem that provides users and brands with top-notch integrity and security.  We’ll also continue to build user friendly features and provide educational materials to help foster learning within the Gauss community and break down the existing barriers of entry into the Web3 space. 



It’s getting harder for you to engage with your loyal fans. So many creators have limited budgets for traditional marketing campaigns. As time goes by, attention spans nosedive. We help creators like you create utility tokens and bring tangible value to your fanbase.



A brand is nothing without their audience. Likewise, Gauss would be nothing without our community. As evident by our vesting schedule, enthusiastic team, dedication to transparency, and the Gauss Growth Grant Program, we are committed to the long haul.  At Gauss, every member of our community is valued and appreciated. We celebrate their achievements, recognize their contributions, and provide support whenever needed. We believe that by empowering our community, we empower ourselves, as their success becomes our success.

Meet our partners that have supported us along the way. 


Each project will follow the same procedure from start to completion and will either be whitelisted or denied based on their responses to questions, our internal research, and other factors.

Our Intake Form  (a Q&A the project/brand fills out) takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Once the project is completely onboarded, a press release will be issued through all Gauss communication channels.

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Head over to the FAQ page for more information, or click the Docs link at the top off the page for a more in depth overview of Gauss