Tokenomics are a crucial element of any crypto project, defining how tokens are distributed throughout the market and the endeavor itself. Gauss Gang is resolute in protecting our ecosystem, as well as current and future partners. These protections are critical to ensuring the continued success and growth of Gauss and its partners well into the future.

Gauss Gang is committed to transparency and open communication. Every single token in our total supply, company wallets, and every other aspect of our finances will be accounted for online, with full disclosure. These values run through every aspect of how we will conduct business, but are of chief importance when it comes to tokenomics. Every token under Gauss administration will be transparently managed, along with publicly published reporting.

Any questions will be thoroughly answered by the team and will always be so as to leave nothing obscured. Any details not found in early documentation are the consequence of accidental exclusion, with no malicious intent. Discrepancies will promptly be corrected if discovered, as trust is critical for our engagement with our community.

The total supply of GANG will be fully minted upon inception, then distributed to multiple wallets for different purposes. Each wallet and smart contract address will be disclosed and annotated to show what each will be used for. These tokens will have time locked schedules via smart contract, only unlocking based on the published release schedule.

GANG’s transaction fee is broken down into four parts to secure the future of Gauss. A 12% ceiling is placed on the transaction fee as one of many efforts to support
our community.

Transaction fees aid us when it comes to maintaining the Gauss ecosystem. It will provide for validation rewards and help the company to blossom as time progresses. Gauss has chosen this instead of a ‘mint and burn’ or inflationary methods which are likely more common among cryptocurrencies.


Many projects include redistribution within their tokenomics as a way to pull in adopters; this is similar to how a number of projects use token burning or other deflationary methods. We’re not like that. Our system will reward holders and mitigate volatility. GANG will place more weight in the wallets of smaller holders with our redistribution methods – incentivizing more to participate, even at small amounts.



Larger liquidity pools make for more stable ecosystems and allow for more expansions (into new pairings and exchanges). As such, we are allocating a quarter of our
transaction fees to building liquidity pools as well as paying staking rewards in the future.

Charitable Fund

To help support the growth of communities, entrepreneurs, and creators, 6% of our GANG tokens (15M tokens) will be allocated to the creation and sustainability of a charity fund. This charitable fund will give grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs, artists, researchers, and the wider community in the hopes of building a better future for generations to come. A quarter of our transaction fees will add to this pool, maintaining this aspect of our goals long term.


Company Funds

A portion of the transaction fees will fund Gauss Gang’s operations, development, and marketing. Individual pools will be allocated for each area and will be replenished via transaction fees

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