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Gauss is a curated, layer 1 blockchain designed for brands to confidently launch novel community engagement campaigns. Our thorough project and technical curation process ensures a much safer ecosystem – one that creators and established brands can feel comfortable building in to onboard their audience communities.

Ferro Cards are the first NFTs to be released in the Gauss ecosystem, set up to be a rewards pass for early supporters and community members. Ferro Card holders will receive unique opportunities and rewards including, but not limited to: allocation of the GANG token, exclusive whitelist opportunities & airdrops from partner projects launching with Gauss, and access to future virtual and IRL opportunities.

Iron Tier

For those who want to be an early supporter of Gauss

Iron Tier holders will obtain an early access pass that will serve as a source of benefits, rewards, and 500 $GANG

Open mint available now

~$150 with MATIC

12,000 total supply-max 50 per wallet

Chromium Tier

For the business-minded who align with the values and vision of Gauss.

Chromium holders will receive 100,000 GANG per NFT held. Holders will be part of the inner circle of Gauss partners and affiliates.

Whitelist application now open

$25,000 each

100 supply-max 4 per wallet